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At Balvalachlan we have a wide variety of wildlife – from our free range chickens to the red kite flying over head you don’t have to go far to get a glimpse of a Highland cow or Deer, the Deer may even visit your garden. you will have a variety of bird life visiting your property including a Jay & Wood Pecker. You may even catch a sight of the elusive Pine Marten and the large Hares.

We can arrange a visit to see the Red Kites / Osprey (diving for trout) and Highland Cows.

Sit back enjoy the view and you are sure to catch a glimpse of one of our friends. If you have any specific wildlife requirements we can arrange trying to accommodate your request.

Wildlife and fishing

At Balvalachlan we are passionate about wildlife and fishing and we have access to many lochs and rivers throughout the National Park that will allow you the opportunity to catch, Salmon, Pike, brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, perch. If we can help plan your next fishing experience please contact us to assist we can even arrange for an experienced gillie to accompany you. No need to pack any gear as we can cater for all types including beginners, enjoy your break & tight lines.

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